One of the industries where UAVs can prove to be most useful is the Agriculture industry. There are numerous ways in which drones can help the agriculture industry and make it much easier for the farmers to monitor their crops and increase their productivity.

Areas we can help

  • Crop Health Monitoring
  • Slope Detection
  • Area Calculation
  • Crop Identification
  • Complete Season Monitoring


UAVs are a fast and cost-effective way of undertaking topographical surveys on Mining sites. They reduce human intervention on-site, allow operations to continue during surveys, and yield engineering-grade measurements.

Areas we can help

  • Stockpile Measurement
  • Video Monitoring
  • Area Calculation
  • Change Detection Report


In this era of climate change, the need of renewable energy is increasing rapidly. The time taken in the traditional surveys restrict in meeting demand of Solar installation. This process can be brought to few days by surveying land and creating contour maps and digital terrain models with drones.

Areas we can help

  • Site Development Planning & Construction
  • Commissioning & Asset Transfers
  • Maintenance Inspections
  • Roof Measurements & Inspections


There is increased interest to focus on utilizing Information and Communication Technology services and  smart solutions in long-term smart city development. That is why Unmanned Aerial Vehicles are involved in a wide range of applications and functions  in smart cities.

Areas we can help

  • 3D maps
  • Digitizing for utility mapping
  • Overlaying of multilayers to find smart solutions


Two primary source of connectivity are Roads and Railways. Pre and Post construction monitoring at regular interval is mandatory for the quality control.

Areas we can help

  • Complete mapping of new and old construction​
  • Maintenance Monitoring
  • Digitizing the features in ortho photos and videos captured​
  • Asset Monitoring


Special sensors and powerful processing software giving a boost in the inspection in Oil & Gas Industries. Data is relayed immediately, rather than waiting for the return of a helicopter or plane. Safety plays an important role as well.

Areas we can help

  • Perform security surveillance
  • Record all the activities and status of the assets
  • Inspecting buildings, tanks, and other vertical infrastructure
  • Inspect the flare stacks, cooling structures, chimneys and others
  • Early detection and fixing of potential faults


Electrical power companies usually perform regular visual inspection to check the status of their transmission lines mainly using helicopter equipped with external gimbals housing infrared and ultraviolet camera to detect hot spots and corona discharges. We provide UAV based solutions for inspections as it is a cost-conscious and effective way to inspect at heights and inaccessible areas.

Areas we can help

  • Fault Detection
  • Asset digitization & classification
  • Sites Thermal inspection
  • Lines Vegetation Analysis
  • Lines & Sites inspections


UAVs are useful in midstream operations, providing very efficient visual inspections of pipeline right-of-ways. Accurate mapping of pipeline infrastructure, vegetative encroachment, or occurrences of erosion can also be detected in hard-to-reach locations.

Areas we can help

  • Visual Monitoring of pipeline
  • A hot-water pipeline inspection
  • Inspecting long-distance pipelines
  • Localize defects to pipeline insulation and leaks



  • Crop type classification
  • Crop condition assessment
  • Crop yield estimation
  • Mapping of soil characteristics
  • Mapping of soil type
  • Soil erosion
  • Soil moisture
  • Mapping of soil management practices
  • Compliance monitoring (farming practices)
  • Clear cut mapping and deforestation
  • Land cover mapping
  • Land cover change


  • Topographic Survey
  • Smart City Survey
  • Municipal & Property Mapping
  • Detailed Contact Surveys
  • Utility Mapping
  • Infrastructure mapping
  • Business location survey
  • Data conversion
  • Data Migration
  • Integration of attributes to Vector data
  • Data validation and modification
  • GIS Layer generation from GPS data and Geo-DBMS

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